Male escort Vs Female escorts in Manchester?

Traditionally speaking there have always been more female escorts than male escorts in the escorting industry. However, in recent years the number of male escorts has risen up particularly in Manchester!

Although Manchester is mostly known for being a great city with two great football clubs, it has a thriving escorting industry with many active escorts in Manchester. Male and female escorts

Recent studies have shown that the number of active male escorts in Manchester has risen steadily over the last few years. More and more working women are opting to pay for companionship and sex. This is why the male escorts have steadily risen in number.

The number of active female escorts in Manchester is almost double that of male escorts! The females rule the roost when it comes to regular work and decent pay. However, slowly and steadily, the male escorts are also bridging that gap.

buy Pregabalin cheap uk Professional and Skillful

Professional and skilful

The escorts that make the most money are not the ones that are the most beautiful or good looking but are the ones that display the most professionalism. There are certain things that are required of an escort. Things like discretion and privacy are a must in this business!

Apart from professionalism, the skills of an escort are also of the utmost importance. The more variety of skills an escort possesses, the more varied their clientele will be. The escorts will be able to garner to a larger section of their target audience with their skills.

Apart from that, there are certain factors which determine the success of an escort in a Manchester escort service. These factors are –

Quality of profile

Whether you are an elite escort or a cheap escort, the clients book you based off of your profile! Make sure that your profile is appealing for all the right reasons. Ensure that the pictures are eye catching and sensuous. Also, the better you write about yourself, the better your chances are of getting regular clients. Just be authentic and you will be successful with your clients. Also, the more clients you gain, the more your profile will look better and the more recommendations you will get!


This is a main issue with escorting professionals and their clients all over the world! Clients all over the world want to be able to book their preferred escorts on short notice. However, the job of an escort is such that they are usually busy so it becomes difficult to accommodate short notice bookings. The best would be to have a few regular clients with whom you can figure out what works best according to both of your schedules! Also, sometimes the clients offer much more money for short notice bookings. It would be good if you took up the offer then.


The area of operation of the escorts is also one of the main factors that garners clients. Mostly, the major cities and towns in any part of the world have better scope for escorts to garner new clients. If you’re an active escort in some city or town that doesn’t have that much influx of tourists or even locals then it goes without saying that you won’t be able to garner that many clients. Also, depending on the tourist season, weather and a host of other factors, the favourability of towns and cities changes. Usually, the most ideal practice is to have a central area of operation from where you can also go to the nearby towns and cities for bookings and sessions.


The main reason why clients book escorts is companionship. The clients usually require the escorts to accompany them to events, dinners or meetings. In this case, the job of the escort is to be an ideal companion and offer their support in any and every way possible. It could mean mingling with the guests of the clients or just simply being a good partner to them and offering silent support. In any case, the escorts will have to be on their best behaviour. Being polite and kind is the basic expectation. On top of that, the escorts are also expected to display good eating, speaking and listening etiquette!

Any escort, whether male or female, can get regular clients if they follow the above mentioned pointers. They can also ask for a higher price if they get enough recommendations. Although the female escorts are more in number in our Manchester escort service, we also have male escorts who earn on par with the female escorts if not more!

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