The Chronicles of a Straight Male Escort

As a woman, you might have patronized some buy Gabapentin online usa straight male escorts that have probably stolen from you, swindled you or even organized an attack to harm you, or you have never thought of patronizing a male escort because you are scared of these things happening to you. Yeah, no lies about how true these things are, but looking from a different point of view, there is a high possibility that most of the male escorts you’ve hired are the ones without an agency. It’s about time someone proves you wrong that not all male escorts do these things.

Let me start by introducing myself a little bit. My name is Freddy, 24 years of age, average height, fit body and of course I’m cute; one of the prerequisites of being an escort, especially when most of your clienteles are women. I’m a buy Pregabalin 150 mg online straight male escort based in the United States; I’ve served as an escort to over a hundred women, mostly within the age range of 30-45, and I’m sure if they were to write a letter of recommendation about me, it’s going to be A1. Excuse me for passing myself.

Okay! Enough of my little autobiography; let me cut to the chase right now.

So here is the story of my first job as a Kirzhach straight male escort

It was 8 pm on a Saturday night. Was alone at the bar drinking to my success as a graduate when the waitress brought a bottle of beer to me, then she pointed straight to a woman sitting alone that she was the one that ordered for me and I was like “ok.”

I walked up to the woman’s table, thanked her for the drink and we got the whole introduction out of the way. So, we got to the “what do you do for a living” part of the discussion, told her I just graduated; hoping to get a job in a firm soon. “Uhm! You look super-cute to be in the corporate world, you are a perfect fit for the entertainment or modeling world” she said. I told her straight up how I’d love that, and then she said “well, you could even pass as a Groznyy straight male escort. About five clients are looking for a personality like yours right now”. I was shocked, never really considered doing that for a living.

When she talked about it, I got to know that she owns an escorting agency. The paychecks and perquisite were enticing, and in my head, I was like “yeah, I could pass as a straight male escort.”So, we exchanged numbers and agreed on meeting the next day.

I gave her a visit the next day and got myself registered with the agency. She called up a client named Gina and got me booked with her for the weekend. The client was going to attend a wedding in Florida, and I was to serve as her arm candy, I got in touch with my “market,” and we were in Florida by the weekend. She could tell I was a first timer because there were a lot of things professional straight male escorts do that she had to tell me before I knew I was supposed to do them.

After the wedding on Saturday, we were about going into the hotel when she suddenly started coughing out blood till she passed out, I could easily leave without getting myself in much trouble; instead I called 911 immediately and followed her to the hospital. By the next day, she was feeling a little bit alright; “you brought me here?” she asked, thanked me and told me the first and last time she hired an escort, he managed to slip something in her drink, and by the time she woke up; he already stole the money in her purse and the jewelry she was with.

I acted like a pro and said “some of us aren’t like that, we care about our clients” and she was like “apparently, you are a perfect example”. She called my boss and told her she’s lucky to have an escort like me, and Gina told my boss she had other people who needed the service of a straight male escort of which she eventually got us connected me with them.

That was my first day as a straight male escort, and it has been a breakthrough for me because I make way more money than I thought I’d ever make in this job due to my reliability and efficiency.

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