Transactional Sex

buy Neurontin overnight Let me ask you a question. If a woman says to herself “This guy is quite cute and he has spent a fortune taking me out and bought me a couple of really nice things while we have been together, so why not have some fun and shag him?” is she a prostitute? And what if a woman asks herself the question “Why not get cash for sex rather than a handbag and dinner? The end result is the same.” is she a girl friend? To me the first woman is kidding herself about her status and what she is doing while the second girl is being honest about what is really going on. But maybe I am wrong. So what is transactional sex? Here are some of my thoughts. These are not researched in the traditional sense, they are just my ramblings based on my experience during another day at the office.


Transactional Sex
Even today, in an age when men and women are far more equal in their professional opportunities and in their earning potential, the need for material support can influence the sexual behaviour of women. It is said by many people that women crave security above all, while men seek status. Like most things about the differing sexes, the gender traits actually overlap to a very large extent. But at the extremes it is absolutely true. Women want financial and material security, which makes sense in evolutionary terms. And making sex available to men as a way to meet this need is a sensible strategy. So, women will happily work as a Geneva escort to gain financial security and independence. And men want status because in evolutionary terms that gives a man the greatest opportunity to have sex with the maximum number of women. So they will pay for sex to prove their status as well as for te obvious reasons of sexual gratification.

So I would say that transactional sex is when money or gifts are exchanged for a sexual transaction or sexual relationship. The gifts can be cash, handbags or even trips. Often, things such as rent, phones, groceries and clothing are thrown in as incentives for transactional relationships and to make them seem less base and “prostitute like”.

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