Most Busy Month in Escort Industry in London

Escort industry is one of the industries in London which thrives throughout the year. So nobody is sure which month is the busiest for the escort in London. But according to one of the London escort of the famous agency told us in an interview that Christmas month which is Hazelwood December is the busiest month for a London escort.

She is a sex worker who operates from her London flat. She works for the agency and currently, she has started attending independent outcalls. She said that she has been working for five years in the industry, although for the past couple of years, She is trying to earn through an independent website. She claims she attended more clients through the independent platform. She also added she met with a large number of those clients during the Christmas holidays. She also said Christmas Eve was the busiest day of her life as it was the festive season and most the people came to her drunk after leaving their parties in the club. While she tried to refuse them but still they insisted. So she asked those clients to pay complete amount but just for short sessions. As they were all drunk so they agreed. She told us that she attended more than ten clients in that two hours of time. On the other hand, she also attended her loyal and generous clients who would visit her during festive holidays along with gifts. She claimed that she did receive lots of gifts from other clients too, as well as from her colleagues.

She said working during this time of the year can help you earn good amount of money as people tend to give tips after satisfactory services. She also had to work during the end of the month as it was New Year’s Eve so she was quite busy on that day too. She said she had some plans for the holidays with her family but she had to cancel that vacation so that she could attend her clients. She added most of the clients get frustrated if you decline the meeting. These clients will provide her with gifts and money throughout the year. So she just cannot ignore them. She worked the complete midnight at that night although she does not attend clients at midnight as it is not safe. But she said it was a really good opportunity to earn some extra money for presents for her family on Christmas.

She told us about her colleague who was working during the Christmas time when got raided by the police officers. She also said the police officers photographed the escort and the client in front of their in that freezing weather in their underwear as an evidence. She also added that the police took the money as an evidence for illegal trafficking and services. She said as this is the busiest time for an escort most escorts try to earn their living by doing a risky session. Like meeting a client in a park or car parking, some even try to do it on streets to earn quick money. Escorts make sure they are utilising this month to the fullest as this is the time when they have to buy gifts for themselves as well.

During December when the festive season starts most of the clients have already made their plans with escorts as this is the time when they can enjoy the most. There are various London Escorts who do profitable business during this month. These escorts earn the notable amount of money in short span of time as they are cheaper than rest of the escorts and also they are in large numbers. They also make sure that they are earning their fair share of profit in the busiest month of the Saint-Martin-d’Hères escort agency in London.

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