Backlinks for Ranking Adult Websites

Adult websites require an immense amount of effort for ranking their page links. Backlinks are like the engine of your website that brings organic traffic to your website. What exactly is a backlink? A backlink is a simple link to a web resource planted on various websites. A web resource can be a website link, web page or a web directory. A backlink should be considered as a citation. Google analyses the quality and quantity of your backlinks. These factors determine the pagerank/DA/TF of your website as Google uses various ranking algorithms for this process. Backlinks are basically divided into two sections Tier 1 links and Tier 2 links. So what are these links? What do they mean? Just look below and you will find your answer!

Tier 1 links are the direct links in reference to your website. For example, if any link is posted on a social media website and when any user clicks on the specific link they reach your website. This process is fully manual as it does not require any automation tools for building links. Just post some relevant content for posting in high-quality domains that include blogs, articles, news, press releases etc. This way you can get good and rich organic traffic for your website. While Tier 2 Site links are the backlinks to tier 1 links. This is a semi-automated process which requires both manual and automated tools for link building. Here spun and lucrative content is posted along with backlinks on various websites. The quality of tier 1 links is dependent on tier 2 links. All the authentic traffic will be rerouted to tier 1 links and then to the specific web source like your website. Tier 2 links are quite essential for building traffic and promoting rank on search engines.

Major Factors That Determines Adult Website Ranking:

Trending Adult keyword research:

This is necessary for all adult SEO campaign. The keyword searching tools such as SEMRush and Google Keyword Planner are inadequate for adult SEO keyword research, the reason being that the suggested keywords might have no relation with what user wants or needs. For example, targeted audiences are surely interested in downloading XXX video content. This is too generic and not specific enough for profitable conversions. This is where ADULT SEO COMPANY plays an essential role in helping you reach interested targeted audiences in the least possible time. Just look at this keyword, volume search on Google, targeting XXX videos keyword would be wasting your precious time and money.

Keywords should have uniqueness for example instead of using just the keyword you can also add authentic pre-word to assist your keyword like exclusive adult agency and premium adult agency or any other word. This would surely be worthy of the time and effort. You will not only find less competition but the lucrative content developed around your keywords will surely attract highly well-qualified leads. Using the identical keywords can be bothersome so you can use secondary phrases such as high-class adult SEO company, Best cheap beer lyrics Adult SEO Agency etc. This will assist your adult website in building traffic and that too without cheating.


The “tier” word isn’t used in SEO community but according to my understanding the sites that directly links to your site are called Tier 1 links while the other sites that link to those Tier 1 link pages are Tier 2 links and if any other link is in reference with tier 2 link is called tier 3 links. In a black hat scenario, you want the Tier 1 links to be as applicable and reputable as possible since it is your organic link. The ones of little quality (probably in more quantity) should link to your Tier 1 links and not to your site. The questionable value links should link to your Tier 2 links accordingly. Tier 2 does not require any links as you may choose links from other pages that already have backlinks of your web source.

On the other hand in white hat context, the Tier 1 links are more likely to be your own personal effort, for example, the basic technique of writing “articles or blogs” with links to your site, or other various relevant sites that you have managed to convinced for posting your links. While the Tier 2 links are the ones that only link to your Tier 1 links, but you’re not going to discourage a related site from linking to your decent backlinks. White hat SEO does not require any tier 3 backlinks.

Why is Tier 2 link building important?

Link building always has been an integral part of all adult websites. It has become a popularity contest and also is a time-consuming method to increase link juice/traffic for business. It is still considered black hat but the most crucial thing is to avoid penalties and blocking. Most Adult websites tend to use vigorous anchor text link schemes to rank their websites quickly at the top. This has never been ideal for adult websites that looking for future in this field. During the short term scenario, it can help churn and burn adult websites monetize quicker. But many dyslogistically ADULT SEO AGENCIES have implemented various techniques to avoid penalties. What exactly does the tiered link do for an adult website? It provides high authority websites that link which is a direct hyperlink to your adult website. These links are called tier 1 links while tier 2 links are specifically linked to tier 1 link. Tier 3 links are also available at your disposal as they are only linked with tier 2 links and share no reference to the parent website or parent tier 1 link. Tier 2 links are of lower quality than the tier 1 links. While tier 3 links are the links in context with a backlink already posted on any high authority website. To develop tier 1 links, you have to create unique tempting content to earn links from high authority websites. This process takes a lot of time as link building for adult website requires consulting many high profile websites that may refuse to link your adult websites to their audience.

You might have look for better options and just try never to give up!It is always better to link content to recognised adult websites. This will immensely increase the credibility of your adult website in Google’s eyes eventually providing you with better ranking.

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